Tips & Preparation


When Should I Schedule a Newborn Session?

Newborns are the sweetest to be photographed during the first 10 days after birth and when they are sleepiest. I recommend a newborn photo session to be scheduled one week after the due date, and the appointment can be adjusted once the baby is born. I limit my schedule in anticipation of newborns, so it’s best to reserve your spot as soon as you have a good idea of your due date. Of course, since little ones have their own schedules, please keep me updated with the status of your little one’s arrival once your appointment is made.

My newborn photography captures the natural feel that accentuates human emotions and relationships in a documentary style. A session can take place at any time and place that you feel comfortable, whether that be at the hospital, at home, at the studio, or any other location of your choice.

How Should I Prepare for a Photo Session?

I feel that newborns are most precious when photographed in their bare skin.  I love using textures, classic wraps and subtle accessories so the focus is on your baby, not distracting props. For more traditional family shots, I recommended that parents wear black to blend into the background so the baby becomes the focus of the portrait.  For lifestyle portraits, any clothing can be worn as long as it does not distract from your newborn — my goal is to capture you and your baby in your natural environment and my focus is your baby’s innocence, and your bond and emotions, not what you’re wearing.  Of course, feel free to bring sentimental pieces, props, outfits, or family heirlooms to incorporate into the session. Safety is important, therefore I don’t recommend poses or settings that are unsafe.

When is the best time to take photos?

Between feeding times and after a nap is when children are in their best mood. A well fed, rested, and happy child is the most essential ingredient for a successful photo session. Generally, portraits taken outdoors are best in the early morning or late afternoon when the Sun’s position is at a low angle providing beautiful natural light. For studio sessions, any time of day is good as we are not dependent on Sun light. Midday Sun produces harsh shadows on objects and is least favorable. If your schedule is not flexible, no worries, we still can work in less-than-ideal conditions with good results.

What Should I Wear and Bring?

Simple clothing in solid, neutral colors (including white and cream) are ideal for creating classic and timeless portraits.  Bare skin is a timeless look for newborns and babies. On the other hand, layered clothing, bright colors and large, bold patterns and accessories such as hats and scarves, are fun for contemporary-style portraiture.

It’s also a good idea to bring more than one outfit and several props if time allows and in case of an accident.  If you are being photographed in a group, it’s best to coordinate everyone’s clothing in the same tonal range or with coordinating “accent” colors, so the colors and style mesh beautifully and complement each other.


What should I have on hand for the shoot?

For babies and toddlers, incorporating their favorite toys, treasured blankets, stuffed animals, and/or special family keepsakes is always welcome and encouraged! You can also bring a toy that is bright or makes noise to draw their attention. For young children, hobby items, musical instruments and a few of their favorite things make special images.  My goal is to capture the true essence of your child and to create lasting treasures.  Also feel free to bring some of your child’s favorite music to create a fun mood in the studio.

For outdoor sessions, you may also wish to have a blanket on hand for sitting shots. Don’t forget to bring the appropriate footwear!

If you plan to be photographed in more than one outfit, feel free to bring alternate outfits for everyone in the portrait.

What Can I Expect After my Photo Session?

Your images will be touched up (color correction, cropping, artifact cleanup) and ready to view in an online gallery approximately 1-2 weeks after your session depending on seasonal demand. I am always excited to share your images with you and do my best to expedite this process! Feel free to share your gallery with family and friends.

Once you’ve made your selection of images, I will then personally make sure they are perfected and deliver the high-resolution files to you together with a print release, which will allow you to make prints at a photo lab of your choice.


Do You Offer Custom Packages?

Absolutely! Photography is uniquely personal, and every person or family is different. I strive to capture images that you treasure and document moments that are special to you. I am happy to work with you to create a unique series of sessions that tell your story and suit your preferences best. I offer the option to purchase “all” digital images from your session as well. Ultimately, I want my images to warm your heart and make you smile every time you look at them. Please feel free to reach out to me.

Do You Charge a Travel Fee for outdoor Locations?

While an indoor studio setting provides the timeless and classic look plus total control of lighting and surrounding elements, location photography offers a more spontaneous natural look with variety of background settings. I am happy to shoot outdoors in my selected locations or one of your choice. For locations outside of San Jose / South Bay areas there may be a small reasonable travel fee depending on the distance.

Generally, it’s best to photograph babies in the studio as they are more sensitive to the bright sunlight and weather elements. For family groups, outdoor settings are more suitable with more space and fun.

Do You Offer Specials and Mini Sessions?

Surely. Throughout the year I offer promotional specials and seasonal mini sessions. You can join my mailing list or like my Facebook page to be notified for these special offers. A promotional special includes everything offered in a standard session at discounted price.  A mini session is usually half an hour long and comes with themed props for certain holidays.]